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What Could Have Been - Chapter 4

Disclaimer: Idon't own any of the characters, if I did Jenny never would have been killed. They are owned by Joss Wheldon, etc. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made, this is just a hobby.
Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at fanfiction or at least the first I've let anyone else read. English isn’t my first language so please excuse possible spelling mistakes.
Summary: This story starts at the episode Passion from season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is my version of how the series would have gone if Drusilla never found out what Jenny was plannin.

The silence dragged on until Buffy finally broke it, "Willow what are you doing here?" Realizing that her question came out sounding to accusing she gently ads, "I thought you where going to stay home today."

Willow nods a little before quietly answering, "I just couldn't stand being in that house anymore. Every time I'd pass by the kitchen window I would look out and…" she stops herself and takes a deep breath, "I figured it would be better If I had something to do." Desperate to change the subject she continues, "Anyway... What where you guys talking about?"

"Listen, Willow-" Giles begins to explain but Buffy cuts him of.

"We all thought it would be best if you stayed away from all hellmouth related things for now," she then directs a quick telling glance towards Giles and Jenny. All the while she carefully avoids looking at Xander knowing that if she did she would loose her composure.

Nodding her head again Willow agrees, "Yeah you're probably right. I don't really feel up for anything like that anyway." But then her face takes on an confused expression as she address Xander, "But why would you think I'd be upset about that?"

But before Xander can answer Buffy quickly intervenes again, "Xander was just worried that you where going to feel left out."

"Oh, okay," Willow looks away for a second and therefore misses the angry look Xander directs at Buffy. "Well don't worry. I totally understand."

"Good," Buffy replies relieved.

"Why did something happen?" Willow asks suddenly worried.

This time Xander speaks up, "Yeah Buffy. Has something happened that Willow should know about?" He gives her a challenging look and another long silence follows before Buffy answers, "No," her voice barely audible.

But it's still enough to convince Willow who is to caught up in her own troubles to notice how strange her friends where acting. "Okay," she replies completely oblivious to the undertone in the conversation, "So what are you all doing here?"

"Actually we where just about to head out," Buffy replies a little to cheerful. She then turns to Giles and gives him a questioning look. Giles quickly decides that it's probably for the best if Buffy and Willow can talk in private and answer, "Yes, off with you all.".

Xander on the other hand is not at all pleased about the way things are going and is about to say just that but a hard glare from Giles stops him. Buffy looks uncertainly at him before asking, "You guys coming?"

Upset and angry about everything that has happened he harshly replies, "No. Cordelia and I have plans."

"No we don't," Cordelia interrupts in annoyance.

"Yes we do," he gives his girlfriend a very obvious look, "Besides, I'm sure Buffy and Willow have a lot to talk about." This time it's Buffy who he directs a telling look before heading out with a confused Cordelia following him.

Buffy looks after them for a moment not really sure what to do now but then she turns to Giles and says, "Giles can we continue this discussion tomorrow before school?"

"Yes, yes. Tomorrow," Giles answer trying to sound as encouraging as he can but he feels his worry beginning to grow as he watches Willow and Buffy as they also leave.

"You think Buffy will tell her?" Jenny asks.

"I hope so."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Buffy and Willow are slowly walking along the now empty corridors. Willow is completely absorbed in her own thoughts and doesn't notice Buffy squirming as she tries to work up the courage to finally speak. "Listen Willow... there's something I need to tell you."

Suddenly noticing how worried her friend sounds Willow immediately tries to clear her head and give Buffy her full attention, "Is something wrong?."

As they arrive in the school cafeteria Buffy gestures towards one of the tables, "Why don't we sit down." She takes a moment to gather her thoughts. When the minutes tick by and Buffy still hasn't said anything Willow can feel her worry starting to grow. "Buffy what is it?" When her friend doesn't answer she presses on, "Has something happened?"

"No. Not exactly. The thing is... Something may happen. I..."

Seeing how hesitating her friend is and not feeling like she can deal with anything more at the moment Willow says, "Look Buffy..." she stops herself trying to phrase it so that Buffy wont feel like she doesn't care about what she has to say, "If this thing, whatever it is, hasn't happened yet and you don't know if it's going to happen..." she takes a short pause while trying to figure out how to best continue, "Maybe we could have this conversation another time." Seeing the stricken expression on Buffy’s face and worried that she has hurt her feeling she hurries to explain. "Of course if it's something very important I’ll hear you out. But if it can wait... I just don't think I can deal with any more drama right now."

"That's okay," says Buffy, careful not to reveal how relieved she is not to have to tell Willow the truth right now.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," she answers giving her what she hopes is a reassuring smile while unsuccessfully trying to ignore her conscience telling her that she is happy about this for the wrong reasons.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It is an exhausted Buffy who arrives at school the next morning. She is feeling extensively guilty for not telling Willow that they are going to try to restore Angels soul. She has arrived as late as she could without being late for her first class in hope how not having to confront anyone of her friends.

But her hope is dashed when she hears Xander shout, "Buffy!" as he spots her, making all the students walking in the corridor turn to look at him. Xander was by most people in the school considered to be a calm and nice although somewhat goofy guy and this sudden outburst would quickly become the topic in today’s gossip mill.

Trying to smother the sense of dread starting to build in her Buffy says a gentle, "Hey," when he has made is way to her and she is the only one who isn't surprised by his angry outburst. She can feel her stomach tightening in one huge knot but knows that she has no choice but to have this conversation witch will without a doubt soon develop into another argument.

"Well?" Xander impatiently asks and deliberatively ignores her greeting.

"Well what?" says Buffy trying to stall the upcoming argument for as long as she can.

"Have you told Willow yet?" Growing more and more uncomfortable she diverts her eyes and Xander presses on lowering his voice so that nobody else can hear. "You know, how you're planning on saving the vampire who killed her boyfriend."

"Xander..." Buffy begins but then cuts herself of knowing that there is nothing she can say that will satisfy him.

"I'll take that as a no," he states in an emotional voice witch is totally unlike the angry outburst she was expecting.

Hearing how betrayed he sounds she desperately wants to make him understand. "You saw how upset she was yesterday. I can't tell her yet," she tries to explain.

But Xander just shakes his head saying, "That her best friend is stabbing her in the back you mean." His anger returning in full force.

"I will tell her. I'm just going wait a few days until she feels better," she says trying to keep her voice as reasonable as possible hoping to calm him.

But her words have the opposite affect as Xander starts getting more agitated. "Are you mental? Angel killed her boyfriend, she's never going to get over that." They look at each other for a long while until Xander continues the anger in his voice replaced with a cold cutting tone, "You're going to have to make a choice Buffy." Seeing the shattered expression on Buffy's face he stops for a second before saying his voice ice cold, "Willow or Angel."

"You're wrong," she answer trying to sound as assertive as she can not sure if she is trying to convince Xander or herself.

"We will just have to see about that now won't we?" He says before he turns and walks away leaving an devastated Buffy standing not even noticing the bell ringing. She's not sure how long she has been standing there when she hears Giles calling out to her. She turns and is faced with a very worried watcher.

"Buffy, is everything okay?" he asks his concern clear.

"Uh... Yeah. Yeah I'm fine." Buffy responds while nodding her head to reinforce her answer.

"Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Right." She just then realizes that the corridors are empty but she doesn't make any attempt to move.

Trying to figure out what it is that she is so upset about Giles gently inquires, "Buffy. Did you tell Willow?" But Buffy is still lost in her own thoughts and doesn't answer him so he clarifies, "About Angel."

As she finally register Giles words she gives a low, "No," in response.

Realizing that his concerns where valid he tries to persuade her, "Buffy you have to te-"

But before he can finish Buffy cuts him of with a short, "I have to get to class," and before he has the chance to stop her she walks away.

"Buffy!" he yells after her but she just quicken her strides.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Okay that's all for today. Don't forget that you have to hand in your assignment at Friday at the latest," Jenny announces to her class just as the bell rings for lunch. As all the students quickly gets up hurrying to the cafeteria as if their lives depended on it she notices Willow still sitting in front of her computer starring at the blank screen. She hesitates for a second worried about what Willow thinks about the fact that she had offered to restore Angel's soul. But when Willow still doesn't make any attempt to leave she feels that she has to say something to the girl so she softly asks, "Willow? How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay," Willow answer still starring at the screen. But then she finally notices that the rest of the class has left and starts to get up.

"Listen, If you don't feel like you can manage this weeks assignment I totally understand. And it's not like you have to worry about falling behind."

But Willow just shakes her head and gives her a small smile, "Thanks Ms Calendar, but I really just want to keep busy."

"Okay," she replies wanting to say something more to try and comfort the girl but not knowing what she could possibly say.

Willow gathers her books and starts moving towards the door but then she stops, "Ms Calendar."


"I'm really glad that things are getting better between you and Giles," she says in a heartfelt tone.

Jenny swears she can feel her heart breaking that the girl would even care about such a thing at a time like this, "Thank you."

Before she can say anything else however Giles enters the classroom. "Jenny I..." He stops dead in his track when he sees Willow there. "Oh... Hello, how are... How are you?"

"I'm okay," she repeats again her tone of voice and body language telling a completely different story. "I should go to lunch," she adds after a short silence neither Jenny nor Giles knowing what to say, Jenny still feeling overwhelmed and Giles still reeling from the discovery that Willow doesn't know what is going on.

"Right. Yes. Of course," he eventually responds.

Jenny gives him a bewildered look as Willow leaves, "Is something wrong?"

Giles waits until Willow is a safe distance away and closes the door before answering her, "Buffy hasn't told Willow, about the curse."

"What! Why?" Jenny exclaims instantly upset.

"I have no idea," he answers truthfully.

But that isn't good enough for Jenny who is starting to work herself up. Unfortunately for Giles he is the only one there in reach of her wrath, "Rupert she has to tell her," Jenny practically yells at him.

Getting frustrated that Jenny is getting angry he argues back, "I know!" Realizing that he isn't helping the situation he takes a deep breath to calm himself and repeats in a much gentler voice, "I know."

"Are we still doing the ritual?" she asks trying unsuccessfully to keep the agitation out of her voice.

"I don't know? I tried to talk to Buffy but she..." he trails of. After a moment of consideration Giles goes over to her and once again he gently puts his hands on her shoulders. They look at each other intently for a moment before he leans down and gives her a long slow kiss. As they break apart and he sees Jenny's surprised expression he teasingly says, "I figured I should act quickly before Snyder storms in again." She rewards him with a bright smile witch soon spills out in genuine laughter.

He gives her a big smile in return as he says, "Listen, why don't you come buy the library after your last class? That way we can prepare everything if Buffy still wants us to do the ritual." Jenny nods. "Good," He gives her one last kiss before he leaves.



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