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What Could Have Been - Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Idon't own any of the characters, if I did Jenny never would have been killed. They are owned by Joss Wheldon, etc. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made, this is just a hobby.
Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at fanfiction or at least the first I've let anyone else read. English isn’t my first language so please excuse possible spelling mistakes.
Summary: This story starts at the episode Passion from season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is my version of how the series would have gone if Drusilla never found out what Jenny was planning.

Jenny looks around her as she enters the school at all the children talking quietly while walking to their classes. If this were any other school all the classes would have been cancelled, the press would be all over the school and the principle would probably hold a big speech about this awful tragedy. She can't help but be upset by the fact that everybody are so used to disaster and people being killed that everything just goes on like it was any other day.

She stops for a second debating whatever or not to go to the library and talk to Rupert. He'd called her last night like he'd promised but it had been a very short phone call. Rupert had needed to perform the ritual to keep Angel out he she had clearly been able to hear how exhausted he was. She really wanted to finish the conversation they had started yesterday plus she needed to know if he wanted to perform the curse to restore Angel's soul or not.

Deciding that now wasn't the best time to discuss either of those things, and telling herself that it had absolutely nothing to do with her being worried about what he would say or more accurately worried that he would break things of between them entirely, she headed towards her classroom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Giles was deep in thought and hardly noticed all the people surrounding him as he entered the school heading for the library. He was internally grateful that Oz being killed hadn't caused some huge media frenzy. It had been one of his biggest concerns when he moved to Sunnydale that people would notice all the strange things happening. But luckily enough people seemed more than willing to ignore things that seemed abnormal.

"Giles!" he turns around and sees Xander walking towards him looking resolute.

"Xander. How are you?"

"Oh I'm ready to get to work," Xander replies his voice sounding determined.

Giles is suddenly overcome by the feeling that he's not going to like this conversation. Deciding that turning around and just walking away would probably be too immature, yes definitely to immature, he pretends that he doesn’t understand what Xander is getting at and asks, "Work?" purposely letting his voice give away his irritation.

"On how we are going to kill Angel. You know he killed Oz, now we have to get revenge," he explains talking slowly as if he was talking to a five year old.

Feeling is irritation grow Giles decides to but a stop to the conversation, "Listen Xander…"

"Hey," Buffy's tired voice suddenly interrupts them.

"Hey Buff," Xander answer his voice suddenly going subdued.

"Have you guys seen Willow?" she asks after a moment of awkward silence.

"I talked to her this morning, she's staying at home today…" Xander answers but then trailing of not knowing what else to say.

"Probably a good idea," Giles puts in.

"Speaking of good ideas," Xander goes on, "we where just talking about what to do about Angel."

Buffy looks at him for a minute before exclaiming in a confident voice, "Good, I've been thinking about it to." She then turns to Giles and says in a softer tone, "Giles do you think you could tell Ms Calendar to meet us in the library after school? I need to talk to her."

"Yes of course," Giles quickly replies his mood improving rapidly at the thought of seeing Jenny.

"What do you need to talk to Ms Calendar about?" Xander asks suddenly confused.

Buffy ignores his question and instead address Giles, "I have to go to class, I'll see you later." Then she looks at Xander for a moment as if she's about to say something else but then she sighs and walks away.

"Why does she need to speak to Ms Calendar?" Xander asks again realizing that there was something going on here that he was being left out of.

Before Giles can answer they are interrupted by Cordelia who is clearly annoyed, "Xander, where have you been. You can't seriously be expecting me to carry all these books buy myself."

For the first time Giles finds himself feeling relieved at being interrupted by Cordelia's typical tactless manner and decides to take advantaged of Xander's temporary distraction and go and try to find Jenny.

As he walks away he can hear Cordelia complaining, "As my boyfriend that is you're job and you're going to have to start taking it seriously."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As he expected Giles finds Jenny in the computer classroom getting ready for her next class. She's too busy to notice him at first so he stops in the doorway for a moment taking in the sight of her.

After a while it becomes obvious that she's not going to notice him so he softly calls out, "Jenny?" trying not to startle her.

She looks up in surprise and gives him a small smile, "Rupert, hey."

"Do you have a minute?"

"Yeah. I don't have class for another hour."

Glad that they're going to be able to talk undisturbed Giles fully enter the classroom closing the door behind him.

"Did you talk to Buffy?" she asks but Giles can't help to notice that she sounds very distanced.

Deciding to go one as if he hasn’t noticed anything he answers, "Oh yes. She wanted me to ask you if you could stop by the library after school."

"Sure no problem," she says her voice barely audible.

Not able to contain his worry any longer her gently asks her, "Jenny are you all right?"

"Yeah," she tries to assure him but her voice and forlorn expression clearly telling a different story. When Giles just continues to gaze at her in concern obviously not believing her she sighs before admitting, "No. I don't know."

"What's wrong?"

"I just… I really thought I could set things right again."

Feeling confused as to what she is referring to and not wanting there to be any misunderstandings between them Giles cautiously asks, "Do you mean with us?"

"With us, with Buffy and Angel, with everything… Naive of me, uh."

Feeling himself grow more and more concern at hearing how dejected she sounds Giles tries to reassure her, "No Jenny… You will, no you have set things right. The curse…"

"The curse is too little too late. To many people as already died. First my uncle and now Oz."

Giles feels himself stop cold as her words register and he exclaims in shock, "You're uncle? You mean the man in the hotel was your uncle?"

But Jenny is to agitated to even hear is question and rambles on, "I mean even if I do the curse, then what? I mean what's going to happen to Angel, or Buffy and god Willow how is she going to…"

"Jenny!" he yells desperate to catch her attention and she is so shocked at his sudden outburst that she can't to anything but stare at him. He walks closer to her and gently puts his hands on her shoulders, "Listen to me. You are not to blame for what Angelus has done."

She looks at him trying to think of a way to make him understand, "Rupert it was my duty to make sure Angel never experienced happiness."

He looks at her intently for a moment before asking in a serious tone, "Did you know Angel was going to lose his soul?"

"Of course not."

"Then there is nothing you could have done to stop this," he says putting as much force behind the words as he can without shouting.

"You're right," she says slowly nodding her head but Giles isn’t convinced that she really believes him. Not wanting her to feel like he's pressuring her he gives her a soft smile and feels his heart swell as he receives a genuine smile in return. All of a sudden they both realize how close they are standing. All concrete thoughts disappear as Giles suddenly is overcome by a sudden desire to pour is heart out to her. "Jenny I… I want… you to know that I…"

Just then the classroom door flies open and both Giles and Jenny spring apart in the same moment that principal Snyder barges in shouting, "Aha! I knew I'd found you here. You two really ought to know better then to openly display your pitiful love life in the work place."

"What to you want?!" Giles practically roars having neither the desire nor the patience to deal with the tyrant who calls himself principal at this moment.

"I want to know why the library is still closed. You where suppose to open it half an hour ago."

"Right," Giles replies not knowing what else to say. Work had been the last thing on his mind today. Of course it hardly made a difference since the students where hardly lining up outside the door in the morning waiting for the library to open.

"I strongly suggest you both get back to work," Snyder snidely remarks no doubt taken great pleasure in seeing them both shaken up. Giles sends a hard glare his way and Snyder isn't stupid enough to stand up to him. With one last disgusted glance and a displeased grunt he turns and walks away purposely leaving the door wide open.

"I guess I should go…" Giles says, the words sounding like they are dragged from him and his body language clearly stating that he doesn't want to leave.

Jenny gives him what she hopes is a reassuring smile, "I'm fine Rupert." When he still doesn’t seem convinced she repeats, "Really I'm fine, don't worry. I need to finish getting ready for my class anyway."

"I'll see you after school then?"

Jenny gives a confirming nod and he gives her one last longing look before he leaves.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

School had ended and the halls where deserted as Jenny made her way to the library. When she entered she found Giles pacing back and forth. She was very pleased to see his face break out in a big smile when he sees her. "Jenny, hello."

"Hey." She looks around what appears to be an empty room. "Buffy isn't here yet?"

"No, she should be hear any second."

Right on cue Buffy walks in. "Hey Buff…"

But before Jenny can finish Buffy cuts her of her voice urgent but hard, "Is it true? You have the curse to give Angel back is soul?"

"Yes," Jenny answers while gesturing towards Giles who holds up the printout of the ritual. Seeing the disbelief on the younger women's face Jenny goes on, "Listen Buffy, I can't guarantee you that it will work, but I think there is a really good chance it can."

"That what could work?" they all turn in surprise as Xander walks in closely followed by Cordelia.

Not knowing what to say a long silence follows Xander's question. It's Giles who finally breaks it, "Jenny was able to translate the curse to… to restore Angels soul."

Xander's expression changes from curious to disbelief to angry in a matter of seconds. "What! Wait you guys can't seriously be thinking about bringing Angel back?" he asks upset and gives Jenny an angry glare.

"That's up to Buffy," Jenny answers trying to keep her voice neutral.

"Xander!" Buffy interrupts them her voice demanding attention. She then looks at Jenny before saying in an assertive tone, "I want you to do it." She looks at the others in the room for a moment, "I thought about this all night and went over and over it in my head. And the bottom line is that as long as Angelus is still out there we are all in danger. And this is the safest way to stop him."

Everyone is startled when Xander all of a sudden starts clapping his hands. "Brilliant performance Buff," he says his voice cold and angry. Buffy just looks at him with a hurt expression on her face. "Oh come on. You don't care about the danger we are in. You just want Angel back."

"Now Xander…" Giles tries to intervene but Buffy cuts him of.

"That's not true."

Xander just shakes his head and goes on his voice getting angrier buy the second, "In case it has slipped everyone's mind, Angel killed Oz last night. You remember Oz, our friend. But I guess that doesn't matter to you does it. And what about Willow? What are you going to tell her? How do you think Willow is going to fell when she finds out about this?"

"Finds out about what?"

All five of them are startled and quickly turn towards the library door and another deafening silence follows. Willow looks at them for a moment before repeating, "When I find out about what?"



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